PNC now allowing former BBVA customers to request credit limit increases

This past October, shortly after BBVA customers’ transition to PNC (which acquired BBVA USA Bancshares earlier in 2021), customers anxious to apply for a credit limit increase were met with a notice that BBVA customers would not be able to request increases until after February 15, 2022. The verbiage was later replaced with a more vague message that credit limit increases could be requested in “early 2022”. 


“Thank you for your recent request for a credit line increase. At this time, we are not offering credit line increases to customers whose accounts transferred to PNC Bank from BBVA USA. We expect to begin offering this service in early 2022. Please check back soon for availability. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”


As of late January, former BBVA customers are able to request credit limit increases. Former BBVA customers wishing to request a credit limit increase on their new PNC credit card can do so by calling PNC or using the self-serve option online or in the app. As with other credit card companies, requesting a credit limit increase online is usually the quickest and least stressful method.


Requesting a PNC credit limit increase online

To request a credit limit increase on your PNC credit card on the desktop site:

  • Log into your PNC account
  • Click on the credit card that you want to request the increase for
  • Click the Customer Service link on the horizontal menu
  • In the Manage Accounts section, click Request Credit Limit Change



Requesting a PNC credit limit increase in the mobile app

To request a credit limit increase in the PNC mobile app:

  • Log into your PNC mobile app
  • Click CARDS on the left menu and select the card that you want to request the increase for
  • Tap the Card Actions section
  • Tap Manage Credit Limit


Whether you request a credit limit increase on the site or through the app, you will be prompted to enter your income and agree to the terms, which includes a credit inquiry. 


PNC credit limit increase policies

PNC is known for performing a soft inquiry on the customer’s Experian report when a credit limit increase is requested. Because it’s a soft inquiry, your credit score will not be impacted. However, PNC’s terms don’t specifically if it’s a hard inquiry or soft inquiry. As always, if you’re concerned that a hard inquiry may be performed, you should contact the credit card company to confirm the credit check policy for credit limit increases.


If your PNC credit limit increase is approved, you can request another increase six months later.


PNC occasionally offers automatic credit limit increases. Customers can opt in and out of these increases. These preferences can be managed in the credit limit management section. This can be accessed by following the above instructions for requesting a credit limit increase.


The credit limit management section also allows customers to decrease their credit limit.